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The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening The fascination of naturally or instrumentally produced world of sounds is opened to us through the wondrous, powerful physical system of the human ear. 
But how can real acoustic events of a moment in time be authentically recorded and conserved or used for further purposes? 
This challenge has been faced by a small team of experts in the German high tech region of Stuttgart (Porsche, Mercedes!).
This team has already won over recording studios worldwide with their HORCH tube microphone systems. 
The HORCH philosophy arose from the fundamental understanding to consider a microphone as a technical device for human listening.
And listening means to hear the differences, which are making a difference! In other words: ignoring what is not making a difference and leaving off that which is disturbing. 
The ingenuity of this principle affects all levels of developments of the production of HORCH tube microphone systems.